Free Fitness

What do we offer?

To stay fit during the worldOutgames or just to have some fun with friends, we can offer you 2 fitness venues where you can go for free with your worldOutgames accreditation to work out: CenterCourt Sportcenter and I-Fitness. Read below what they both have to offer!

CenterCourt Sportcenter

CenterCourt Sportcenter (Bouwensstraat 37, Antwerp-Borgerhout) is not only the host venue for the worldOutgames Squash tournament, but acts also as one of the official worldOutgames fitness centres during the WorldOutGames in Antwerp. With your worldOutgames badge/registration you are – completely free of charge – all week welcome to work out, getting ready and in great shape for your sports performance. Sauna and solarium available.

Enjoy also our spacious sunny summer terrace and our bistro and café. Food is served all day long. Don’t miss the exquisite Sushi-bar at CenterCourt Sportcenter!

Opening hours :
- Monday – Friday: 9am / 10 pm
- Weekend: 9am / 1pm

visit us at:


I-fitness is a fairly new fitness club, situated at Coveliersstraat 15 in the centre of Berchem (Antwerp). With over 50 nationalities involved with sport and alongside each other, we’ve grown into a real multicultural club with a very open spirit. The gay and lesbian community has already found its way to our doors, too, and for this reason we are pleased to support the worldOutgames by offering free entry for all participants with their worldOutgames badge/registration.
We want to support sports people in the Antwerp area one step further. For all participants who live near our club we are offering one month of training at i-fitness Berchem free of charge in the run up to their competition. All they have to do is to e-mail their name and telephone number to us (Jan Caluwaerts – along with confirmation of their registration and we’ll personally arrange their invitation for a month of their choice before the worldOutgames start.

Visit us at: